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Girl Scout Reads From Her Published Book!

This week I had the fortune to watch a video of Katherine Rasmussen reading her book, Adventures of Meow-Meow, as part of Reading Across America for her school. Katherine is a 5th grader at Courreges Elementary School and in June 2021, I had the privilege of publishing her book through Invictus Press. I collaborated with my daughter's Girl Scout troop (Troop 4167) of which Katherine is a member. The girls got to write their own book and then work towards getting it published. In the video, Katherine talks about the process she went through in writing and eventually publishing her story.

It was great to see the confidence that Katherine exhibited as she spoke about her book. Throughout my time with her, I was able to get to know her a little better. Katherine was committed to reach her goal and worked hard to do so. Her persistence paid off with an end result of a published book at the age of 10.

Seeing her grow throughout this past year has been extremely rewarding and makes me wonder what the future will hold for this amazing young lady.

Check out the video of Katherine reading from her book:

To purchase Katherine's book, in which proceeds will be going to Girl Scout Troop 4167, please click the link to Adventures of Meow-Meow on Amazon.

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