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Works in Progress

Below is a list of all projects that are currently in development. 

Santa Hat.jpg
Secret Santa
Novel: Romance, Christmas
Erin spends Christmas in her own way and usually alone. A chance circumstance brings her into the like of Scott Graham, who did not notice her in high school. However, he notices her now. She shows him one of the true meanings of Christmas and he shares with her how to be open to love.

Valentines Day Heart.jpg
Winter Love
Novel: Romance, Valentine's Day
Fiona helped out her friend Erin and in return met Brody, new to the town of Cedar Lake. Fiona and Brody come together to help a stranded dog find his family and in return they may discover their own destiny.

Novel: Science Fiction, Fantasy
As with most teenagers of her era, Samantha was quiet and reserved.  In a time when the skies were littered with activity commercially and privately,  She was disconnected at most times, and left to her own devices.  Having studied the theories and sciences of the time, she excelled in comparison to her peers, and found herself in the unique position of being sponsored as a prodigy to the newly found space exploration team...

Red Splash.png
Novel: Mystery
Caitlyn, a detective, discovers that a good friend has died unexpectedly, Not only does she go on a quest to determine why but also goes on a journey to find herself as well. 

Rocket Ship.jpg
The Amazing Atmosphere
Children's Book: Adventure
Three kids in summer camp go on a rocket ship and take a trip to the moon and something with the atmosphere and satellite breaks.

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