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A Month To Reflect On Book Release of Skipping Stones

It has been a month since the release of our novel Skipping Stones. Brett and I have both enjoyed the support from family and friends with their thoughts and reviews of the book. The range of feedback has been great, from “it’s like a candy bar, so sweet and delicious” to “I didn’t know you could write that well.” It has been a treat to share this side of ourselves with so many people who did not know about our passion for writing and storytelling.

During our book launch aboard the Newport Princess, dressed in appropriate attire, we celebrated our accomplishment with invited guests who have supported us along the way. More importantly, we celebrated our passion and the notion to follow one’s dreams.. We have achieved this particular dream, however, I think it is only the beginning of something deeper that will continue onward. One thing that I am learning about with this new adventure is to follow your heart wherever it may take you.

For those of you who would like to order Skipping Stones, please go to or online wherever books are sold.

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