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Girl Scout Publishes Book!

So excited to announce that we, through Invictus Press, just published Adventures of Meow-meow by Katherine “Kat” Rasmussen. Kat is 10 years old and in the 4th grade. About one year ago, I collaborated with Sydney’s Girl Scout troop (Troop 4167) in which the girls got to write their own book and then work towards getting it published.

Kat is the first of the girls to finish the entire process, which included the following:

  1. Writing the story (approximately 1500 words)

  2. Work with an editor to edit her book (huge thank you to Leila Kirkconnell for her assistance)

  3. Work with an artist to illustrate the book (Mr. Doherty, Kat’s 4th grade teacher illustrated the book)

  4. Publish the book (Brett and I collaborated with Kat on final formatting, etc.)

Kat was so excited through this entire process and is so happy to have a book that she wrote. She was persistent and continued to work throughout the year on this book to be able to complete the project. I’m planning on interviewing her to share with everyone her thoughts on the process and what she learned along the way.

For me, I learned a lot, that is for sure. I would love to continue to do this and discovered areas that I would change to improve the process and outcome. That being said, I loved being able to provide an opportunity for Kat to not only achieve a goal but also to nurture her creativity. One of my favorite aspects of all of this is to have her be able to have a voice and then share it with others.

Providing someone, even a 10 year old, an avenue to have a voice and experience something new is core at the program, Storyteller’s Ethos that Brett and I created. Storyteller’s Ethos is a program in which we wanted to share our experience and passion with others. A key to this is to give back to the community and help those that need it. We want to provide avenues to enhance the advancement and passion of others.

For more information on Storyteller’s Ethos go to:

Proceeds from this book will be going to Girl Scout Troop 4167!

Link to Adventures of Meow-meow on Amazon

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