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It’s the Little Things…Story of a Lost Duckling

This story would have been precious at any moment in time, however, as it occurred during these distressed times, it seemed to put a smile on my face that was very much needed.

It all started with a mama duck, along with eleven (yes 11) little ducklings trailing behind her. She decided to climb around our front yard that is currently a mess due to our house being under construction. Brett saw them first and quickly came inside to get me so that I would not miss the opportunity of seeing the duck family. We squealed with delight as we watched the little ducklings navigate the uncharted territory over our displaced wood and trash from the construction. Navigate they did and off they went down the neighborhood.

A few hours later they came back and we marveled at them yet again. This time though, one of the ducklings was left behind. We were able to save the little one before one of our dogs could get to it. We did not see the mama duck and the rest of the family anywhere. We put the little duckling in a box with food (my daughter Sydney looked up what ducks ate) and water (Sydney sacrificed one of her play tea cups and filled it with water.)

We had no idea what to do with the duckling but we really wanted it to join the rest of the family. Therefore, Sydney and I ventured out into the neighborhood (which we had not done in a while) to see if we could find the mama duck. We looked everywhere, mindful to keep our safe distance from our neighbors, but unfortunately, did not find the mama duck. I even posted the situation in our local neighborhood website to see if anyone had seen the mama duck or had any ideas of what to do with the duckling.

Just as I clicked the post button Brett came inside telling me to hurry up and get the duckling that was still in the box. The mama duck, along with the other ten ducklings, were passing by our house yet again, right on the sidewalk. Brett quickly got the duckling and motioned him towards the duck family. Mama duck was surprised and happy to see the duckling and the lost duckling was now found.

So, it’s the little things, like reuniting a lost duckling with its family, that made us smile!

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