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New Release in Ananya and Brett Family Of Books!

The new release is not quite written by Ananya or Brett but it was written by a family member. Thus, making the new ebook part of the Ananya and Brett family of books. We also thought we would let everyone know that Sunday Monacelli (Ananya’s mother) released the ebook yesterday and it is available on Amazon for purchase. Very proud and happy to have another family member join in on the writing fun!

Book Synopsis:

This is a simple book. I have noticed over the years that most books on money management were long, complicated, and boring. If you do not know how to manage your money, you will most likely not want to wade through complicated theories and long explanations. Hence, this small book is to show you a simpler way to be with your money. It covers spending, saving, how to get out of debt, budgeting, and lowering your expenses. Be sure to bring along your pencil or computer. After all, this is an audience participation book.

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