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Ode To A Fellow Traveler and Storyteller

It is with a heavy heart that I write about a fellow traveler and storyteller that has left us, in my mind way too early, Anthony Bourdain. Although I have not seen all his shows or read all his books, what I have been exposed to was of great quality and character. What I liked about him the most is that he seemed real. He was who he was and that was fine with him. In fact, it was fine for quite a few individuals, including myself. For me, I want to know what new adventure he was going on next and was envious that I was not there beside him. I enjoyed how he would truly get to know the culture of whatever place he visited through their food. Not just the food of well known restaurants but the back-end, alleyway, hole-in-the walls. These places that he ventured into instantly epitomized the country’s culture and vibe. Anthony Bourdain seemed to thrive in these places and really enjoyed the ambiance that each place had to offer. Through his charismatic nature and passion for travel and different cultures, he became a storyteller. I, myself, enjoyed listening to him tell his story through food each time I came into contact with one of his shows. I think because he was so open and so willing to learn, he was accepted in many areas where others may not have been before. Even though he has left us too early, I believe his stories will live on and his legacy of openness and understanding will hopefully continue in others.

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