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Patience for a new tomorrow

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I am constantly telling myself that we must be patient. We must wait and see what happens before we can take the next steps toward the future of our novel. We have submitted our book to a few agents and must wait for a response. After much research, Brett and I have been told that not only do we have to be patient but the whole process itself is a numbers game. We must submit to many individuals to hopefully have one that chooses our novel for consideration. While we have submitted our novel and are practicing the art of patience, we are also looking at the pros and cons of traditional vs self-publishing. This topic seems to be one of the main topics of discussion among writers and those involved in the business. There are benefits to traditional publishing as well as self-publishing your novel. It seems to me though, that each writer must look at these benefits and determine what is best for them based on what they are trying to achieve. It is a challenge though as now that the novel is written and ready to be published, I want it out there in the world. However, at the moment, I must wait, be patient and see what tomorrow brings.

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