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Rejuvenation Day

stress relief

I was quite fortunate to receive a “Rejuvenation Day” from the company I work for. The idea was to give the management team a day to re-energize themselves so they could return to work with more vitality and be more productive. Although a great idea and much appreciated, I had a problem that I did not quite expect until my rejuvenation day arrived. I did not know what a rejuvenation day would look like for me and what exactly I would do. I had some ideas for sure but nothing that was completely grabbing me. But it made me think, how do we revitalize ourselves, even when given the opportunity? Are we so used to the daily grind and being busy all the time that we don’t stop to think about what we truly need?  What are those little moments that give us additional energy or inspiration? I find for me that it is often the little things that we generally take for granted that I enjoy so much. A great cup of coffee in the morning while doing crosswords, listening to soothing music, a walk outdoors, completing a simple task that I always put off, a bubble bath. We need to remind ourselves to continue to do the little things in life that make us happy and provide that extra boost we need. We need to make each day a rejuvenation day.

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