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Storyteller’s Ethos First Donation

As Brett and I began this writing journey, we wanted to share our success with others in the world. We have been very fortunate and supported by many people both new acquaintances and old friends. So, in this endeavor we wanted to encourage others to follow their dreams and passions, especially regarding education.

We are excited to bring this idea to fruition by donating to our first chosen charity that assists others with education and literacy. When looking at where to send our donation, Brett and I wanted to ensure that our contribution would have an impact. When comparing the benefits received by our donation, we noted that the difference that our contribution would make was negligible when comparing local to international organizations. With international organizations and the economies of foreign legislatures weighing in the balance, our dollar would go a lot further to support children in need.

We decided upon an organization that I have heard about for years and had always appreciated their goals to help those in dire need. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) assists those that are currently in areas of conflict, disasters and basic humanitarian crisis. They go to the areas where help is needed the most for one reason or another. Not only do they assist with education efforts, but also with medical supplies, sanitation, financial services, social services, training and shelter, just to name a few. However, our focus is on education, so we wanted to ensure that our monies were going to something worthwhile that focused on education.

Not only did the IRC receive the highest rating on Charity Navigator but they spend 92% of their funds on the programs themselves. Basically, the money is going directly to the areas that need it. IRC believes that “education is the ultimate empowerment tool for children. The IRC provides children, youth and adults with educational opportunities that help keep them safe and learning the skills they need to survive and thrive.”

Through the IRC, Brett and I have sponsored one boy and one girl to attend school for a year. To be able to provide a safe learning area and give them the chance for a better future. The sponsorship includes tuition for a year, books, and other supplies they need to attend school. As mentioned previously, we have been fortunate with the opportunity to follow our dreams, we want to provide that same opportunity for this boy and girl. To give them a chance to follow their dreams in hopes of providing a better future for those to come.

Storyteller’s Ethos

Storyteller’s Ethos is a program created by Ananya and Brett Ridenour. Ananya and Brett have agreed that they want to share their experience and passion with others. They want to give back to the community and have made a commitment to help others with their program, Storyteller’s Ethos, in which they will donate a portion of their proceeds from their novels, to various charities that enhance the advancement and passions of others. To learn more about Storyteller’s Ethos, visit To learn more about Ananya and Brett, go to

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