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That Extra Push

Since Brett wrote the first blog, I thought it was my turn to give it a try. We mentioned that we would send regular updates and I would like to be true to our word. Not to mention, it helps to give us that extra push we need to continue editing our novel. With that being said, we had a weekend filled with laundry, dishes, unpacking, picking up around the house, figuring out summer camp, building houses with Legos, playing games with Sydney, breakfast with mom, weeding, and Star Trek. Through all of that we managed to squeeze in editing three chapters. Not sure how we did it but we are determined to reach our goal to finish the editing process by the end of June. The key now is to keep it up and not get distracted.

Distractions? I don’t get distracted at all… ooh I think it’s time to play MahJong.


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