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The New Year


I am holding onto the belief that since it is still January, I can still call it the beginning of the New Year. I wanted to state our goals for last year and the new ones for this year. Still January, so still valid. For 2016, Brett and I had the goal to finish our novel, Skipping Stones, which we did. After we received great input from beta readers, the local writing community, and a professional editor, we finalized the book on 12/31/2016. Just in time to reach our 2016 goal! I have always been taught that when you reach a goal, that you need to celebrate. Thus, the champagne!

For 2017, we have discussed at length what we would like to achieve in regards to our writing. We are looking at publishing Skipping Stones by the end of the year, getting more involved within the writing community, developing our brand, writing more blogs (hence, why I started today), and continue writing novels from the stack of ideas that we have. We have already started our next book (sci-fi/fantasy), which is quite different from Skipping Stones. Looking forward to what we will achieve together and what 2017 will bring!

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