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What Inspires You?


I often think of what inspires me. How does one create an idea for a story? Is it something that can be forced or something that comes naturally? For me, story ideas come at the most random times. Even though I frequently put myself into a mindset to allow the ideas to flow, they do not always come at those times. Instead, they come when I least expect them to. For example, a few days ago, I had a very challenging day at work and even told Brett on the way home that I didn’t want to do much that evening as I was “brain dead.” So, I start the long commute home and my mind started to wander… and wander. An entirely new story formed within my mind and by the time I got to my mother-in-law’s to pick up my daughter, I needed a piece of paper. What triggered this particular story was a phrase from a song that for some reason stuck with me. It was a song I have heard many times before but this time it struck a cord and a new story was created. So where does inspiration come from? Is it a song? A drive home? Clearing your mind of other thoughts? What inspires you?

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