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New Writing Project – Helping 11 Girls to Write and Publish Their Own Books

I am super excited to share the latest writing project that I am working on. I am spearheading a writing project for Sydney’s Girl Scout troop (Troop 4167) in which the girls will get to write their own book and get it published. The four high level steps that the girls will undertake are:

  1. Write their own book of a least 1500 words in one month (using the Youth Program at Nanowrimo to help us keep track and manage the writing)

  2. Edit their book with assistance from local writers (thank you for those who have already volunteered)

  3. Work with artists to illustrate their book (working on finding artists now)

  4. Publish their book (to be published through Invictus Press – Ananya and Brett’s publication company).

The girls started writing their books on May 1, 2020 and are now actively working on their stories. There are a total of eleven girls that are participating, ages 8-10 years. I loved seeing the different types of books and titles that the girls were working on.

What is so great about this project is that I get to share with the girls the love of writing and help them nurture creativity within them. I have discovered lately that I really do enjoy mentoring and coaching others. This is just one more avenue to do that. In addition, this project will empower the girls to set a large goal and work towards achieving it. They will see a project from start to finish and ultimately gain a sense of accomplishment of what they have completed. This, in turn, will build their self confidence. And they get to share with others what they have done!

In addition, this project echoes the foundation for the program that Brett and I created called Storyteller’s Ethos. Storyteller’s Ethos is a program in which we wanted to share our experience and passion with others. A key to this is to give back to the community and help those that need it. We want to provide avenues to enhance the advancement and passion of others. In this case, eleven Girl Scouts.

If anyone is interested in helping out with editing and/or illustrations for this project, please let me know. We may also need volunteers for future projects as well.

For more information on Storyteller’s Ethos go to:

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